Gary is an entrepreneur, property investor, property renovator, property developer, and property coach.

Gary’s passion is in helping people succeed in property and empower them to get out of the rat race.

Gary’s was born in China, and immigrated in 1996 to Auckland, New Zealand when he was 13 years old. Gary’s parents came from a poor mountain village in southern China. His dad went to the Vietnam War as a soldier, and later became a state enterprise worker. Gary’s mum came to Wellington, New Zealand in 1987 as an exchange student, and later decided to stay in Auckland.

Gary went to Avondale College and then University of Auckland, and later graduated with Bachelors of Civil Engineering. Gary was a civil engineer for 12 years, working in an international civil engineering consultancy, and later in local government transport department.  

A few years into his engineering career, Gary found the 9 to 5 job to be frustrating, boring and restrictive, and the future was bleak.  At the time Gary followed his mum’s advice and invest in the stock market. This was before the Global Financial Crisis.

After losing tens of thousands in the stock market, Gary realised he can’t rely on someone else for looking after his financial future. Gary decided to take his future into his own hands, and that’s when he read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Rich Dad Poor Dad book was an enlightenment, and Gary went on a mission to achieve financial freedom and get out of the rat race through investing in property. Gary read all the books he could find on property investment and wealth creation, plus spending almost a hundred thousand dollars on various mentoring and coaching.  

In a space of 6 years, Gary built a 14 property portfolio worth over $10 million dollars.  Gary’s investments allowed his family to have two mortgage free homes, plus tens of thousands per year in passive income. This allows Gary to spend more time with his wife and two young daughters, plus look after his big family including both sets of parents.

The investments also allowed Gary retire from his civil engineering career, and focus his passion to help others on their journeys to get out of their own rat race.

Gary’s purpose is to help as many hard working people get into property investment and help them grow their financial future.