“Gary has been instrumental in me getting back onto the property investment ladder. I actually started investing before Gary did, but I didn’t have the right guidance and strategy, and was basically trialling with a lot of errors on the way. Within two months of Gary’s help, I bought 3 properties in two weeks! Gary was really hands on with helping look at properties on site, and bidding for me at the auctions as well. I really appreciated Gary’s proactive approach to coaching! “



1 + 1 Bedroom 2 + 2 Bedroom
$550K + $580K Purchase Price $35k x 2 Renovation Cost
Old rent $330 + $350 = $750/wk New rent $470 + $470 =$940K
3% Gross Yield 4% Gross Yield
New Valuation $720K + $750K
Equity Made $270k

Property Investment Coaching

Money Back Guaranteed

If you don’t make $50, 000 equity, Gary will refund your coaching fee!