Financial Freedom Through Property

Most people in life are busy working in their jobs, working in their business, keeping busy, but going nowhere. 

What would your life become if you have a steady source of passive income through property, and you don’t need to work for money anymore? What possibilities does that open up to your life?

With the right mindset, strategies, and coaching, Gary can show you how to achieve your own financial freedom


70+ students

60+ million in property purchased

15+ million dollars value gained

100+Property Purchased

About Gary

Gary Lin is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, developer and investment coach. As one of the New Zealand’s leading real estate investor and educator, he has helped many dozens of investors getting onto the property ladder in Australasia.

Gary shares his passion in real estate, to follow his journey and empower others to getting out of the rat race, to live a life of freedom.

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Mathew Dawe

Gary has been instrumental in me getting back onto the property investment ladder. I actually started investing before Gary did, but I didn’t have the right guidance and strategy, and was basically trialing with a lot of errors on the way.
Within two months of Gary’s help, I bought 3 properties in two weeks!
Gary was really hands on with helping look at properties on site, and bidding for me at the auctions as well. I really appreciated Gary’s proactive approach to coaching!

14 November 2017

Bryan Baolin Li

Probably the best coach you could find in Auckland. Every piece of Gary’s advice is valuable. Talk to him today and start learning.

24 April 2017

Leo Chen

With Gary’s help, we have grown a 8 property portfolio worth almost $10mil since 2013!  Our property portfolio has allowed us not just grow our wealth, but also allowed me to quit my low paying government job, and pursuit my passion in starting my own business! Thank you Gary!

24 October 2016

Lynda Ea

Gary has been an invaluable mentor who genuinely enjoys what he does – that is helping his students strive for success and teaching others. Gary readily passes on his wealth of knowledge and analytical thinking gained over the years from his own journey and experiences, and comes up with creative solutions and deal propositions for every cause. You want Gary on your team!

24 April 2017

Ross Corlett

Gary helped me find a property which I likely would not have looked at without his eye for a great property, he helped me analyse and decide what to do with it before and after purchase.

With his clear analytical approach it was easy to see the potential in the property, I also looked at a number of other properties before buying with Gary and although my junior in years he was able to teach an old dog plenty.

24 April 2017

Alina Hong

Gary is truly an excellent property wealth coach. we started off with limited knowledge he broadened our horizon and gave us a lot useful & practical advice. Now we are more confident in property market.

24 November 2017

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